Saturday, January 28, 2006

Andrew is Home!

Here he is! My new nephew Andrew Everett Owen. He was born January 20 and is just precious. His brother and sister were excited to greet him the day he came home from the hospital. They even made a sign for him. I can't wait to meet him in April when I come home for spring break.

My Latest Projects

On Monday I went crazy and made a headboard for our bed. I got the idea from the 1000 hours of decorating shows that I watch a week. It was fun and not too hard. Notice the tufts...I am proud of those.

Next up...More jewelry making!!! I am obsessed with it and having so much fun. I have found about 20 jewelry websites that I check on a regular basis, I am making a scrapbook of designs I like, I am waiting for my latest order from to come in..."Jewelry Making for Dummies" and "Bead on a Wire", and today I am going to a local bead store's "trunk show". Yes, my new hobby is taking over my life, but it is great to have something that I feel this excited about!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kids Make Christmas Morning so Fun!

Natalie got a metal detector from Jason and I. She was so excited, look at that big smile!

James in his Buzz Lightyear pj's!

Santa knew just what the kids would like: James...doggies, Natalie...candy (she also got a bike).

Natalie and James are playing her new Twister game. Poor James doesn't know that "head on green" is not an option. It was a fun Christmas and we were very tired by the end of it all!

Playing in the Leaves

Early Christmas

I know this is about a month late, but here's some holiday pictures. This is when Jason and I celebrated Christmas before we left for TX. Jason gets an i pod, his new favorite thing and I get a vanity I can do my makeup sitting down! :)