Friday, June 02, 2006

Stuck in the Swamp, for Real!

We went canoeing this week with our friends Stephanie and Leon. I honestly was nervous about it because of alligators and snakes and all. Apparently there was nothing to worry about. The locals let their children boat and swim in the river all the time and not a one has been eaten yet. We did pass by two alligators, which did make me nervous (notice there are no pictures of the alligators, as I didn't want to rock the boat while trying to fumble around for the camera and then fall into the alligator infested water)!

We searched for manatees, but had no luck. The people passing us on the river saw a mom and her baby, but somehow we missed them. Oh well, they say they're around all summer. We did see an otter though! They're really rare, so that was cool. There were also tons of turtles, fish, and giant birds. The water was very clear; we could see down to the bottom of the river in most areas. It turned out to not be so scary, in fact, I would like to do it again.