Sunday, December 03, 2006

Family Photos

Our true selves
For the public

Thanksgiving fun!

We ate and the kids played while we watched. No wonder they are so little and we are, well, not so little.
Resting with Jason.
Andrew has a feast of rocks.
James shoots us a winning smile.
Mom and Andrew swing together.

The Day After Thanksgiving

We went to Mainstay Farm to pick out the Owen's Christmas tree and play. They had a great fort with ladders and swings, bails of hay for climbing, and a wooden maze. I think this will be a new tradition. It was a wonderful place.
Playing tag on the hay.
Andrew explores his first Christmas tree.
James found one just the right size.
The boys laughing

Mom's not worried about being stuck in the maze.
Natalie loved the rope swings.

Watch out Natalie, uncle Jason is fast!
Will Jason ever get out of the maze?

Here are some pics.

Miami in November

I recently went to Miami for a Speech-Language Pathology convention. I hated that it was in Miami, but I guess that was a sacrifice I had to make. Here are a few pictures of my trip.

Here's my Hotel
Sarah and I loved getting all the free goodies from vendors, so we show our appreciation.
Oh, Miami in the winter.