Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Bags!!

I love the plants in CA!

Look Natalie, a tree big enough to drive through!

Sitting inside a red wood.

Where's the top!?

Dr Seuss Plants

Crazy Tree!

Mushroom Top

Where the fairies and elves live...

California Fun!

Riding the ferry to the Giants game.

Our view from on high.

Everyone is happy, we've been eating clam chowder and garlic fries.

Our sweet bed and breakfast in Ferndale.

Ferndale, the center of town.

Jason and I met up in CA after I went to Texas. We had a great time with his parents and we did so much!!! We went to Chinatown in San Fransisco; we went to a Giants game and didn't see Barry Bonds hit a home run; we drove north to charming Ferndale, CA and stayed in a bed and breakfast; we then drove through the red woods (literally); we shopped and ate and had a ball...can't wait to go back!

Texas Fun

Natalie can't put the book down! It's Pokemon! She is quite the reader!

Sweet James waits for the hermit crab to come out.

I think the hermit crab is a bit scared!

Andrew can't say much, but he sure can play.


I had a great visit with my family. The kids have all grown so much! Natalie is so much fun to talk to. She love Pokemon, web-kins and reading. James is getting really big! He loves Cars and is so creative. He made a really cool rocket out of paper towel rolls and duct-tape! Andrew is at a fun stage. He is so darn cute and love to read just like his big sister and brother. I was so happy to get to spend some time with them.

It was great to see mom and dad and Erin and Toby, too!!! I felt so relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed watching movies, shopping for fabric and sewing with mom. It was a wonderful time.

Road Trip!!!!

In July Courtney and I drove from FL to TX with a stop over in New Orleans. I love her...It was so great to spend time with her. We wanted to do all the same things: shop, eat, take tours and get a tattoo (oh wait, that was just her), but I got to watch the tattoo artist, Jason (AKA Sparrow) work his magic. We had a great time. Here is just a few highlights of the trip:
It is scary when the shrimp is looking back at you!

Ready to listen to some Jazz

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

Court gets a tattoo from Captain Jack!

Just like a southern bell, using her umbrella to keep the sun off!