Sunday, December 03, 2006

Family Photos

Our true selves
For the public

Thanksgiving fun!

We ate and the kids played while we watched. No wonder they are so little and we are, well, not so little.
Resting with Jason.
Andrew has a feast of rocks.
James shoots us a winning smile.
Mom and Andrew swing together.

The Day After Thanksgiving

We went to Mainstay Farm to pick out the Owen's Christmas tree and play. They had a great fort with ladders and swings, bails of hay for climbing, and a wooden maze. I think this will be a new tradition. It was a wonderful place.
Playing tag on the hay.
Andrew explores his first Christmas tree.
James found one just the right size.
The boys laughing

Mom's not worried about being stuck in the maze.
Natalie loved the rope swings.

Watch out Natalie, uncle Jason is fast!
Will Jason ever get out of the maze?

Here are some pics.

Miami in November

I recently went to Miami for a Speech-Language Pathology convention. I hated that it was in Miami, but I guess that was a sacrifice I had to make. Here are a few pictures of my trip.

Here's my Hotel
Sarah and I loved getting all the free goodies from vendors, so we show our appreciation.
Oh, Miami in the winter.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


We dressed up to give out candy and about 1/2 the kids actually knew who we were! I guess our shirts gave it away...

My Latest Creations

These are for Courtney and Mom. They wanted to see what I have been making...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Just me and the Girls

Amber and Courtney came from OK to see me for a week of shopping and beaching. We had a great time. I don't know any other people who can actually shop as much as I do. We had several days where we would start around 10:00 and come home after dark. Thrift stores, discount stores, garage sales, Target...all our favorite places to find bargains! I was with "my people"! We also went to the beach several times. I had never seen the water so clear! We got some sun, read books, and searched for shells (mom, I found a hermit crab with a beautiful shell, but put it back in the ocean). Our last full day we spent making jewelry, pizza, and playing games. But the best part of the whole trip was all the girl talk. Catching up with my best friends was wonderful and I can't wait to do it again next summer!

Snapshots of Our Week

Saint Marks Lighthouse
Making Jewelry
Trying on Hats
Best Friends

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pictures from our summer so far... (start at the first post for July 13th to view chronologically)

What a Summer!

Fun in Cartoon Land at Islands of Adventure
The blokes at the English Pub
Delicious Cuban Meal (our last Supper)

I think Gary has had enough!

More Fun!

Japanese Water Gardens at Epcot

3D Movies and Water Rides

Funny Fun

The Dinosaur Steals Gary's hat and Gary gets Goofy.
I shoot Jason and Mary Nell and I get Soaked

Look Natalie and James, we saw Stitch!

Silly Hats!

Rainy Days