Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Jason's spring break was last week and we finished it off with our first trip to the beach together. It was a beautiful day, low 80s and sunny. We were so relaxed. It was nice to get some sun and feel the summer just around the corner. We saw a lot of wildlife, as usual. Here are some horseshoe crabs we found. Guess what they are doing. We saw the smaller one first and then realized the larger was under the sand. When Jason lifted him up we were shocked to see that he was bigger than a dinner plate (more like platter-sized)! We also saw a stingray! We live in such a cool place!


The first alligators of the season.

Jason's good friend Dave visited from cold Connecticut last weekend. They had a great time together and I really enjoyed getting to know Dave. He is such a great guy...Oh Wow.